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January 17, 2020


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Since October, Universidad de los Andes School of Management hosts professor Thanos Pallis, from the University of Aegean (Greece), who came to work with the Supply Chain Management & Technology academic area and forms part of the Kühne Professorial Chair in Logistics, invited by professor Gordon Wilmsmeier and co-financed by the Vicepresidency for Research and Creation.

Pallis is Professor of Port Economics & Policy at the Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport, at the University of the Aegean, Greece. He is also President of the International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME), and vice-chair of the Port Performance Research Network (PPRN). He is a founding member & co-director of PortEconomics and directs the Jean Monnet program “European Port Policy” (since 2003).

Regarding his arrival to Colombia, Professor Pallis states that:

Speaking about his experience at the School of Management, the professor highlighted the great diversity of professional profiles with which he has been able to share during this short period of time; and highlighted the teachers’ ability to analyze and skills to be informed of the current trends and events at national and international levels.

With respect to his career, without a doubt, Professor Pallis has a very interesting life story. Despite having worked in the public sector as General Secretary of Ports at the Ministry of Development, Competitiveness and Shipping, he decided to devote himself to the academy; for his great interest in understanding the vision and points of view of the new generations.

Likewise, the sense of community that is built in the University, the opportunities for personal and professional growth, and the ability to create a short-term impact on both colleagues and students were - equally - determining aspects.

Professor Pallis expects that his time in Colombia will allow to continue building relationships and collaboration opportunities that will last in the future, believing that there is potential for students and teachers to continue working and developing research projects together but also to have the prospect of a European experience.

Professor Gordon Wilmsmeier talks about how he met Professor Thanos Pallis and about his career:

Referring to the recent and ongoing research developed at the Universidad de Los Andes, Professor Wilmsmeier stated that along with Professor Pallis they are currently studying the cruise sector and ports development. For this reason, Prof. Pallis’ visit occurs in the framework of the Cruise Dialogue 2020 event, which will take place in Cartagena in February 2020.

Wilmsmeier also explains that the motive of Professor Pallis visit relates to a number of different research projects and purposes:

Last, Professor Wilmsmeier talks about how the School of Management has also involved students to the different initiatives and projects that are being developed jointly with Professor Pallis:


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