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September 5, 2020


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Universidad de los Andes School of Management: more than training managers, it educates leaders for life

The results of a study carried out by Universidad de los Andes School of Management (UASM) confirmed that younger people aspire to become upright human beings before even becoming successful entrepreneurs or managers.

The design of the new Leadership for Life campaign reflects the School´s commitment with the younger generations to empower them, so they can learn, attain the necessary tools and innovate in order to project their lives and contribute to their families, communities, businesses and the country.


Bogotá, September 7th, 2020 – The beginning of a new decade brought a global pandemic, new social movements, and economic and political turmoil that have challenged the stability of economic and social systems around the world.

This has led to rethink work and education models and has raised questions about new consumer habits, different ways of doing business, health services performance, and the influence of technology and the importance of culture.

Considering this background, the role of academic institutions - specifically universities- is crucial as they have a great responsibility to continue developing knowledge, promoting innovation and supporting students on their path towards leadership.

In this context, institutions such as Universidad de los Andes School of Management, have supported and inspired their students to become more resilient and to overcome obstacles, as well as to provide them with the necessary tools to make decisions in a framework of wellbeing and economic, social and environmental sustainability. Historically, this has been reflected in the positions and pathways undertaken by UASM’s alumni, who occupy first and second level positions in the most important organizations in the country and who currently have under their responsibility about 14% of Colombia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) [1].

Nowadays, young people are increasingly looking for the University to be a space in which, in addition to learning the essentials about their career, they can grow as individuals. According to a study carried out by the School it is crucial for students to choose an institution in which they feel that, beyond being excellent professionals, they are educated to act in accordance with the values ​​of solidarity, integrity and freedom.

Similarly, it was evidenced that young people value a learning process that evolves around growth in the various aspects of life, where obstacles are understood as an opportunity for improvement and where the greatest inspiration comes from shared achievements.

Today´s youth understands professional success as the ability to help others, which is a different conception to that of the past, and it is tied to the fact that students see themselves as innovative individuals with initiative and not as passive objects. Facing these aspirations, issues such as the School´s recognition, academic excellence and high quality faculty members, are the three most important elements for students when choosing an academic institution.

According to Veneta Andonova, UASM’s Dean: “our DNA is academic excellence and since the foundation of this community we have aspired to transform individuals through excellence. Our professors are committed to the country by taking part in impactful projects that create value for companies and communities. Our students are fulfilling their professional dreams and learning from all our academic spaces, as they grow and develop their leadership skills. At UASM we have always worked and will keep working to educate the country's leaders”.

To stand by this commitment and inspire its future students, the School of Management has launched its new campaign Leadership for Life, added the Dean. The objective is to continue contributing so that more students, in the different life stages, can find in the School a space to innovate, learn and obtain the necessary tools to project their lives and contribute to their families, communities, businesses, organizations, and the country.

[1] Calculated for the year 2019 out of the total billing of the organizations that have UASM alumni in the first two levels.


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