Research room

Research room


The Research Room is a space dedicated to consulting, training, and becoming certified in the use of specialized databases. For finance,the Room has financial and stock market informationsystems, certification workshops, and short courses offered by the ColombianSecurities Exchange. For marketing, strategy, and entrepreneurship, the Roomoffers access to industry profiles, country reports, market intelligence, consumer statistics, and global statistics. The Research Room has a subscription to theHarvard Business Publishing for Educatorscases database.


  • Workshops to become certified in Bloomberg and Eikon (Reuters)
  • Short courses offered by the Colombian Securities Exchange
  • Guide for research with specialized databases
  • Individual and group training


The Research Room is not intended forthe followingpurposes: checking social networking sites, chat rooms, email, performing Internet searches unrelated to the Room’s databases, and creating and printing personal projects. For these activities, please use the Computer Labs provided for university students.

Example of a cross-industry search

A Management student needs to research the impact that the arrival of the multinational corporation Starbucks to Colombia will have on the beverage market (coffee). The student asks for advice in the Research Room to learn in which databases they can find the following information:

  1. Consumption of coffee in drink form in Colombia and worldwide,with reports and statistics.
  2. Historical financial statements of Juan Valdez in recent years and financial benchmarking of the sector in Colombia.
  3. Historical financial statements, ratios, and fundamentalsof Starbucks and its publicly traded competitors.
  4. Coffee export and import statistics for Juan Valdez and competitors.
Solicitud de información Área Fuentes Resultados
Coffee consumption in drink form Market research, mass market products sala-de-investigracion-uniandes-fuentes-04sala-de-investigracion-uniandes-fuentes-03 Colombia Coffee: Trends, Competitive Landscape, Prospects.
Coffee Statistics: Market sizes, Company Shares, Brand Shares, Distribution, Pricing. 
Hot Drinks: Latest Analysis, Articles and Opinions, Company Profiles, Country Reports, Global Reports.
Historical financial statements Finance (Colombia) sala-de-investigracion-uniandes-fuentes-05sala-de-investigracion-uniandes-fuentes-06 Juan Valdez: financial statements, ratios, additional metrics, news, analysis, reports, competitors, shareholders, executives. Sector benchmarking by financialindicator and sector news and reports.
Historical financial statements Global market finance sala-de-investigracion-uniandes-fuentes-07sala-de-investigracion-uniandes-fuentes-08 Starbucks: financial statements, ratios, fundamentals, news. Financial analysis by sector, size, and geography. Studies and estimates. Technical analysis. Comparable analyses.
Coffee export and import statistics International trade sala-de-investigracion-uniandes-fuentes-09sala-de-investigracion-uniandes-fuentes-10 Export and import companies, products, amounts, destinations and origins, transport, FOB values.


The databases have all rights reserved and are exclusively for academic use. The passwords are personal and non-transferable. Misuse may lead to academic and criminal disciplinary measures. See regulations on copyright and intellectual property at the Universidad de los Andes.

Specialized Publications

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