The School

The School

The Universidad de los Andes School of Management (UASM) was founded in 1972. Since then, Its mission continues to be to educate leaders capable of creating, analyzing, transforming, and developing public, private and non-profit organizations through the appropriation and generation of knowledge for the innovative and sustainable development of those organizations

To achieve this objective, the School has developed an extensive offer of undergraduate, graduate, doctorate and execution education program portfolio characterized by its academic excellence, its distinguished faculty members, and the achievements of its alumni.

High standards of quality and excellence lie behind the most important national and international awards won by the School. In Colombia, its undergraduate and masters programs are accredited by the National Accreditation Council for the maximum period of10 years.

At the international level, the School is accredited by the European Quality improvement System –EQUIS– awarded by the European Foundation for Management Development –EFMD– since 2003; by the Association of MBAs for the MBA program since 2004; and by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business –AACSB– since 2010. This three accreditations, knows as the Triple Crown, are the most important and globally recognized, they place UASM among the 1% most prestigious Schools of Management in the world. UASM is the only School of Management in Colombia to hold this triple distinction and only nine Latin-American Schools hold this achievement.

These awards warrant students and alumni an organized learning process around a solid syllabus under constant evaluation; international exchange agreements with distinguished universities; international recognition of its programs adjusted to current global dynamics; relationships and agreements with important public, private and non-profit organizations; and access to the global labor market thanks to the integrity and competence acquired during their studies.

The School belongs to different international academic and organizational networks, allowing their students a constant exposure to knowledge-generation processes on cutting-edge topics and related to public and private sectors.

The School is also a pioneer in the field of sustainability education to management students. With more than 10 years of experience and along with distinguished faculty, the School has two specialized masters embodying sustainability, social and economic challenges for national and regional organizations. Today, our sustainability academic area has the mission to turn each student into a decision-maker aware of the ethical and natural impact of its decisions.

All these efforts make UASM a school contributing to the construction, appropriation, education and dissemination of knowledge for the innovative and sustainable development of all organizations, improving the environment and quality of life for all Colombians.


The Universidad de los Andes School of Management is organized around:

  • Three academic levels: at the undergraduate level, a program in management and another one in International Accounting; one doctorate, three MBAs, four specialized masters and four specializations at the Graduate level; and one Executive Education Unit.
  • Seven academic Areas: finance, marketing, organizations, management, strategy, sustainability and supply chain management and IT. All faculty members are assigned to an academic Area. 87% of full-time faculty boast a PhD. degree and 25% are international. All adjunct faculty hold a master degree.


Within Universidad de los Andes’ campus, the School of Management is located in the Julio Mario Santo Domingo Building, a 10-storey 23,929m2 facility housing 29 classrooms, a satellite library and a Business Research Laboratory enabling students access to several international and national databases.

UASM library belongs to the University’s central library. It specializes in in topics related to management and accounting 71.505 books, 1.833 audio-visual materials, and 1.732 periodical publications and access to 57 national and international databases.

The Business Research Laboratory houses financial and stock market databases, industry profiles, country and market intelligence reports, access to ISI journals, newspapers, business magazines, world statistic databases and full access to teaching cases and notes.

It offers the following services as well:

  • Bloomberg and Reuters certifications.
  • Short courses taught by Colombia’s Stock Exchange (BVC).
  • Finance and Bloomberg tutorials for students.
  • Individual and group training in specialized data bases.


The Universidad de los Andes School of Management offers its students the opportunity to interact with recognized faculty with a broad teaching, research and consultancy experience. Faculty profiles’ meet the triple accreditation criteria. International rankings as America Economia’s recognized the School’s Faculty as one of the best in Latin America.

All programs are reviewed by adjunct faculty, national and international lecturers and visiting faculty, as well as by academic entrepreneurs guaranteeing a permanent link with the corporate world from a management classroom.

The School has several Academic Chairs, allowing undergraduate, graduate students and executive education participants to participate in conferences and seminars given by distinguished faculty with international academic and professional experience.

Research and consultancy

At the School of Management, academic research is a key tool for quality improvement and development. The School frequently monitors all learning goals and competences required for a successful professional career of its alumni.

The School has six research groups recognized and graded by Colciencias, the national department for Science, Technology and Education:

  1. History and businesspersons.
  2. Public Management.
  3. Markets and Decisions.
  4. Financial Studies and Financial Economy
  5. Organizational Studies.
  6. Supply Chain and Technology Management.

In addition to this, the Strategy and Competitiveness Centre channels the demand for consultancy services from private, public and non-profit national and international organizations. The Entrepreneurship Centre support the conception, creation and implementation of high-impact entrepreneur projects.

International Experiences

Besides general exchange agreements offered to all Uniandes’ students. The School of Management has exchange agreements exclusively for its students taking into account the specific needs for their training and formation. At the same time, the School welcomes international students fostering an environment of cultural and academic exchange inside an international context.

Moreover, from 2004 the School opens a six week Summer School offering courses taught in English by internationally renowned faculty from the best schools of management around the world. More than 5.000 students have participated.


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