Student life

Uniandes Community

As members of the Uniandes Community, students may participate in any of the academic and cultural activities that flourish at our university such as conferences, seminars, fairs and special events. 

In addition, MBA students can take courses and participate in projects from other master's programs and interact with students and teachers from other disciplines and fields of interest.


The Universidad de los Andes’s state-of-the-art campus features an integrated library system, computer rooms, laboratories, and recreational and sporting areas, among other things. The School of Management is housed in a modern building equipped with all the technologies and comforts necessary for students’ learning.

The campus of the Universidad de los Andes is found in an area of the city center known as Las Aguas, one of the oldest and most traditional sectors in Bogotá. Las Aguas is located in the district of La Candelaria, an area where important history of the capital dating back to colonial times is most densely concentrated. It is also the heart of many of the country’s most significant social, cultural, and political events. Its exceptional location at the foot of the Monserrate Mountain, an emblem of the city, ensures regular contact with nature and the tranquility needed to provide an environment suitable for study and research.

The capital of Colombia is a modern, cosmopolitan city that is prosperous and ever-expanding. The city is also characterized by a diversity of cultures and customs and by its patrimonial and architectural wealth. Bogotá features the country’s greatest number of cultural offerings and provides to residents and visitors alike commercial, cultural, and intellectual life that is vibrant and diverse.

More information:

Library: Get the most complete bibliographic collection in areas of Administration .

Research Room: Adhere one nuestrasbases specialized data and get certifications in Bloomberg and Reuters.

Assistive Technology: Consulting Services and Technologies Different Academic Support offered by the university.


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