International week

International week

International Week program was created as a result of the partnerships and alliances that the School of Management enjoys with prominent business schools around the world. Through this program, Master’s students have a week-long opportunity to participate in academic, business, and cultural activities at the School.

The program allows students to broaden their international perspective and gain a better understanding of the culture and reality of Colombia through activities that combine personal realities with academic knowledge and a knowledge of current events.

International Week has several modes and lengths in order to meet the specific needs of each group of visitors:

  1. Students take advantage of their time in Colombia to visit companies, attend lectures with renowned professors and national figures, and participate in tours.
  2. The program revolves around a specific business problem of a Colombian company previously selected according to the interest of the group, and students develop a solution together with students from the MBA program at the School of Management. During the week, participants spend most of their time trying to understand the problem, acquire information about the business, and work on project development. Students also attend lectures on academic topics and national current events.
  3. The program combines a Spanish language immersion component with activities that expose students to the economic, political, and social context of the country, with an especial emphasis on how to do business in Colombia. The program also includes social and cultural integration activities with graduate students from the School.

Costs and Requirements

To participate in International Week, visitors must be linked to a Master's program outside of Colombia, and the group must have a minimum of 15 people. 

Program costs are established in agreement with the respective institution according to the mode of International Week activities chosen. The costs of airfare, hotels, meals, and activities carried out on the weekends are extra and must be borne by the participants.

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