Global MBA

Admission Requirements and Process

  • Applicants must be students or graduates of a Master in Management program at IESA, ITAM, Tulane University or Universidad de los Andes.
  • Applicants must have at least three years of managerial experience.
  • Applicants must be proficient in English.
  • Students enrolled in the Global Management dual-degree program must complete the requirements for both degrees in order to receive either degree.

Note: Graduates of the programs at ITAM, IESA, Tulane, and Universidad de los Andes within the past five years are eligible to apply to the Global MBA.

Admission Process

  1. Fill out the online application by clicking here .
  2. Submit a resume that includes your last three jobs (company, job position, length and responsibilities description), the most remarkable skills and personal characteristics, and your educational background. This resume must be emailed to
  3. Once the application form has been filled out and the resume emailed, candidates will be called to interview.

For more details, please contact your local coordinator: Luz Stella Polania 339-4949 Ext. 3844 / 2300

Tuition Payment Schedule for Global Alliance Cohort 2016

Tuition for the international module will be collected according to the following schedule of payments:




June 13, 2016 USD$ 4,000.00
October 31, 2016 USD$ 4,000.00
April 10, 2017 USD$ 4,000.00
June 26, 2017 USD$ 4,000.00
November 21, 2017 USD$ 4,000.00
Total USD$ 24,000.00


At Uniandes the payment must be done in Colombian pesos.

Travel and Accommodations

Tuition for the Global MBA program includes graduate instruction for six (32 contact hour) graduate courses plus the books and materials required for these courses. In addition, housing and two meals per day will be provided on all travel excursions. Evening meals will be provided on special occasions. Students will be responsible for their own transportation expenses to and from the city where classes will be held as well as travel within those cities (including travel from airports to hotels) unless otherwise provided by the program. Students will be required to travel to New Orleans, Mexico City, Paris, Shanghai or Bogotá to attend classes.