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Innovation & entrepreneurship in the creative industries

melbourne school

Professor: Joeri Mol

The University of Melbourne (Australia)


June 5 – June 16 (9:00am – 12:00m)

The main objective of the course is to study closely the processes of innovation and entrepreneurship by examining pioneering case studies from the creative industries. Whilst innovation and entrepreneurship take center stage in the management discipline, the creative industries have traditionally been overlooked. It is only recently that the creative industries are being given due consideration in the study of innovation and entrepreneurship. Did you ever wonder: How does James Cameron assemble the thousands of people that work on the movie ‘Avatar’? How does a luxury brand like Dior keep innovating in the face of so many copycat fashion houses? These are some of the many questions to answer within this course.

Joeri Mol is Senior Lecturer in Organization Studies and Co-Director of the cluster for the study of Organization Society and Markets (COSM) at the University of Melbourne. He holds a PhD in Management Science from Groningen University (2006). Prior to joining the University of Melbourne, he was a Visiting Scholar at the Hitotsubashi University (2003) and the Wharton School (2005). He researches markets and is particularly interested in processes of financialization and evaluation, and how price and value are brought into an (often) uneasy relationship. His work has appeared in the Journal of Management Studies, Sociological Methodology, British Journal of Management and Social Networks, among others.

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