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GLOCAL: Global Markets Local Creativities

Universidad de los Andes School of Management (UASM) is one of the seven members of the GLOCAL Alliance that offers GLOCAL 2. This alliance has been made possible by the active participation of members of the School’s Business History group.

The members of the alliance offer a two-year international master degree which leverages the complementary and interdisciplinary expertise, resources and networks of seven leading universities, in seven innovative cities: 

  1. University of Glasgow (United Kingdom)
  2. Universitat de Barcelona (Spain)
  3. Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
  4. Georg-August- Universität Göttingen (Germany)
  5. Uppsala Universitet (Sweden)
  6. Universidad de los Andes (Colombia)
  7. Kyoto University (Japan)

UASM currently only offers a Certificate to Students that are part of Tracks C and G.

The GLOCAL 2 programme aims to:

  • Study globalization in innovative and creative places, with a global-local (GLOCAL) focus
  • Integrate culture and creativity as a source of development and economic growth
  • Examine urban settings as a site of local creative adaptations and a site of research
  • Offer an integrated and coherent curriculum across at least three mandatory mobilities
  • Foster multi-disciplinarity
  • Combine Consortium Partner University's research and teaching strengths through interlocked curriculum delivery
  • Offer innovative joint research training & dissertation supervision
  • Promote employability and graduate analytical, practical and transferable skills

Candidates apply to their preferred study track. All students will spend their first semester in Glasgow, then the second semester in either Barcelona or Uppsala, and then choose between Rotterdam, Göttingen, Los Andes or Kyoto in the third semester. 

For more information about the programme and the application process go to http://globallocal-erasmusmundus.eu/.

For further information about the courses available at UASM, click here.